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About Us


About Us

founderOur Founder
Apostle and Pastor Aaron Machaya is an ex banker, entrepreneur and author who started responding to his calling at the tender age of 10. He became a very active Sunday school student, singer and actor. He then went on to become youth leader at provisional and national level and Deacon in the AFM church before he moved to Awake Grace Ministries in 1992. He served as spiritual leader and elder at Awake Grace Ministries from 1992-1995. In August 1997 he founded the New Covenant Apostolic Ministries International.

Our Ministry
Our Ministry is all about RESTORATION! To restore the original intended relationship between God and man. Restoration through REPENTANCE, FORGIVENESS, PERFECTION, SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT, FRUITFULNESS and MULTIPLICATION. The ministry has over 50 assemblies worldwide, spread over Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, United Kingdom, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya & Malawi.

Our Vision

To extend the Kingdom of God to all nations by preaching the word of God and demonstrating his power, Matthew 28 vs. 18-19. GREAT COMMISSION!

To ensure that holiness is maintained in the church/ministry and all church members are rebuked and counselled without bias. 1 Peter 1 vs. 16; Luke 17; Col 31

To ensure that true love, unity and holiness is maintained among church members, leaders, and that wrong doers are also loved and taught accordingly John 17 vs. 21; Gen 11; 1 Cor 13; James 5- 19 to 20

To restore lost relationships i.e. Spiritual and social relationships among church members, sinners, families, ministries and denominations. Believers should be spiritually empowered through the restoration message and take possession of their promises. Isaiah 61 vs. 4, Joel 2 vs. 25.

To create conducive environment for genuine worshippers and ministries by facilitating freedom of expression of gifts and ministries. John 4 vs. 23-24 and Ephesians 4 vs 11-16; 1 Cor 12

To facilitate transparency among all church members and leaders in all spiritual and administrative issues such as:-

(i) Finance

(ii) Spiritual matters

(iii) Members discipline and welfare

(iv) Ministries welfare

(v) Service rules and regulations

(vi) Church assets

(vii) Leadership code

(viii) Development issues

To ensure a prayerful lifestyle by fasting 365 days per year by allocating one fasting day per week per assembly. 1 Tim 2 vs. 1-2; 2 Thess 5 vs. 17; Luke 18 vs. 1.

To carry out social duties such as caring for the old age, and disadvantaged people etc James 1:-27

To acquire land and erect buildings for:-

(a) Church building and conference centre

(b) To build homes for the old age and orphans

(c) To build hospitals and clinics

(d) To build restoration theological Institute to further train Pastors

(e) To build mission schools and pre-school facilities

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We have assemblies in Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, and Malawi

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